All second-hand parts supplied include warranty giving you peace of mind. We offer various warranty periods ranging from 3 to 12 Months. Your warranty is confirmed for you at the point of sale and noted on your invoice.

Our standard warranty covers replacement of the part or parts warranty. If a second-hand part is found to be faulty at the point of sale we will supply a replacement part. Labour isn't covered as part of our standard warranty.

If we install a faulty part, we will supply & replace the part. If you purchase an engine & installation we offer a 1000 Kilometre service free of charge.

Any warranty claim will require an invoice or proof of purchase. Please follow our terms & conditions to ensure the warranty is. It isn't a nice feeling having to tell someone they have voided their warranty. Please read our terms and conditions.

On a brighter note warranty claims are almost non-existent. The quality of our engines & accessories ensures they last many years past the warranty period.